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Karen Reedstrom plays silver flute and has been in the band since 2018. She also plays alto and bass flute. She started on the clarinet in 5th grade and then taught herself trumpet and played both in a Navy band. Karen also plays piano and Native American Flutes and other world flutes as well. She co-hosts a Native American flute circle with performer Arvel Bird. She is a former Meteorologist for the U.S. Navy and The National Weather Service and currently works for the Automotive Industry as an automotive illustrator and animator. She also is a 4th Degree black belt master in Tang Soo Do Karate and has taught for many years both adults and children. Karen studied French cooking with Jaques Pepin and is working on several book projects. She was editor of the international philosophy newsletter Full Context for 13 years and co-hosted a cable TV show in the Detroit area.

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