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Donations in support of the band's activities can be mailed to:

Cottonwood Community Band

PO Box 1025

Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Cottonwood Community Band is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with contributions tax deductible as allowed by law.


Director’s Baton     $1500+

Instrument Lover   $500-$1499

Concert Follower    $200-$499

Music Aficionado    $100-$199

Supporter                $25-$99

Contributors of $25 or more will be listed in our concert program for one year.

Cottonwood Community Band performs 4-5  concerts per year in Cottonwood, Sedona and Camp Verde.


Cottonwood Community Band gladly accepts donations of musical instruments that are no longer being used by their owner. It may allow a community member who does not have an instrument to become musically active again.


 to our supporters who enable us to offer free concerts for communities in the Verde Valley.

Feb. 1, 2019-Sept 1, 2021

Director’s Baton

Kathleen and Peter Wege


Instrument Lover

Sy and Anita Brandon


Concert Follower

Dan and Colleen Edwards

Margie Gershtenson (Match from APS)

Peter and Ronnie Glodek

Jim and Araceli Parkel

Al and Gloria Vander Peut

George and Carol Welsh


Music Aficionado

Gary Barto

Beverly Bullock

Ken Buxton

Cheryl and Dennis Cassady

Thora Hodge

Gayle McClelland and Michael Dobler


Sally and Lance Nelson

Karen O'Regan and Phil Briggs

Bob and Elisa Richards

Chuck and Liz Stark

Linda and Jim Warren



Delia Chilgren

Therese DuPont

Vicki King

Deborah Laitenberger

John and Deborah Losse

Michael and Mary McCaffrey

Paul Picchiottino and Hildrun-Uta Triebess

Faith Roberts

Don and Lois Rosenow

William Scales

Dallas Wright

The Cottonwood Community Band would like to thank the Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District for hosting our rehearsals, and

the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts for hosting our concert performances.

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