In the spring of 1990, the Cottonwood Civic Club placed an announcement in the newspaper that they were interested in assisting in a project that would benefit the Cottonwood Community. Madison Myers responded to the announcement with the idea of forming a community band. The Cottonwood Civic Club was enthusiastic, but was not able to financially support the endeavor. However, this was the impetus needed for Madison to gather a group of musicians to form a band.


The original band consisted of eight members. Through the years, the band grew to its current size of almost 50 members. The members range in age from high school students to retirees in the community. They hail from Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Camp Verde and throughout the Verde Valley. The band was incorporated as a non-profit organization in January 2001.


Presently, the Cottonwood Community Band presents four concerts per year and provides music for various community events such as Verde River Days, the Jerome Elks Lodge Flag Day Celebration, and the Clarkdale Fourth of July Celebration.






Officers and Board of Directors


John Kinnamon – President

Gloria Vander Peut - Vice President

Jean Tierney - Secretary

Neil Rosenow – Treasurer

Nancy Kores

Judy Cowan

Colleen Edwards

Musicians  -  listed alphabetically



Lynda Anderson

Judy Cowan

Mary Eder

Julie Lacksonen

Barbara MacCracken

Karen O'Regan

Karen Reedstrom

Lu Stitt

Jean Tierney


Brian Daniels

Simone Duryea

Jennifer Gummo-Wagner

Ashley Herzog

Mary McCaffrey

Tammy Rehborg

Karen Steele

Gloria Vander Peut

Jan VanKooten

Jill Whitener


Cynthia Malla

Bass Clarinet

Peggy Burress


Gayle McClellan

Alto Saxophone

Laurie Mueller

Johnnie Murphy

Kathy Shriver

Tenor Saxophone

Paul Anfinsen

Bruce Wandmayer

Baritone Saxophone

Jim Van Lieu


Tom Eder

John Kinnamon

Larry Rathbun

Ron Wright


French Horn

Ann Crossland

Neil Manzenberger

Will Norris

Keith Paulson

Paul Rosenfeld



Bob Cunningham

Alex Kavet

Neil Rosenow


Joanne Katnik

Nancy Kores



Gary Barto

Dan Edwards

Gerry Kuhn



Cat Delaney

Deb Roberts

Lisa Rosenow

Alyziah Shapiro

Julie Zabilski

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