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Gary Barto has been an anchor in the tuba section of the band since 2012 upon moving to Cottonwood from Singapore. “Anchor” describes another part of Gary’s life as he served in the U.S. Navy. Thank you for your service Gary! He is a follower of Jesus and worships at the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Church. Gary worked on a mission ship for ten years, ministering around the word. An accident with a live buss on a 440-volt ship’s electrical switchboard left Gary with damage to his right hand and significant hearing loss that is not much helped by hearing aids. This made another of his professions challenging as he worked as a telephone technician that required listening on the lines. But like with everything else in his life, Gary does not let his challenges get in the way of his success. His musical experience includes high school marching band over 60 years ago and the Parade Ground Navy Band. Until she passed away at the age of 102, Gary spent his time as a caregiver for his mother, La Versa, who sat behind him during band rehearsals. Gary is also an installer/repair person for a medical alert type device for Verde Valley Caregivers. In his spare time, Gary writes word search and cryptogram puzzles.